This center (iCerd) was established as the Center for Educational Research and Training, Faculty of Education, Saga University in 1984. It is composed of three divisions: i) Clinical Education, ii) Educational Practice, and iii) Teaching Support. As an integrated organization, this center is now intended to carry out the research and analysis of educational issues such as bullying, truant students, developmental disabilities at schools, to contribute to the improvement of educational practice with related organizations.

Faculty and Staff

Director Prof. Ikuo MATSUYAMA
Deputy Director Assoc. Prof. Kosuke ISHII
Clinical Education Division Assoc. Prof. Kosuke ISHII
Assistant Prof. Aikana OHNO
Assoc. Prof. Shunji NAKAJIMA
Educational Practice Division Prof. Hiroshi WAKUYA
Assoc. Prof. Tomoya IMURA
Teaching Support Division Assoc. Prof. Naoko MATSUNOBU
Assoc. Prof. Kae FUJIKI
iCerd Office Mr. Kuniyasu YOSHIOKA


Integrated Center for Educational Research and Development (iCerd),
Faculty of Education, Saga University
Honjo-machi, Saga 840-8502, Japan
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